Society of Thoracic Interventions & Lung Transplantation


Due to the current urgent need for a scientific community entity
To serve chest surgeries, which branched out and diversified
surgical operations there


This well-known association was established under the number 11692
It announces the start of activity starting from 1/2/2023
The association invites all doctors of chest surgeries and diseases
To participate in advancing this social scientific activity
For growth and progress in community service
And the service of this exact specialization…

Our Vision

To prevent thoracic Disease and deal with all thoracic intervention and lung transplant.

Welcome message

It is a great honor for me to present to you the Cardiothoracic Department website.  We try to achieve a good standard of under- and postgraduate education, coordinate available resources for conducting research while maintaining Patient Safety.

We try to offer and apply a step-wise, structured program to address the areas of sub-specialties including: trauma, pediatric cardiothoracic surgery, Aortic surgery with advanced endovascular techniques, minimally invasive valvular as well as ischemic heart surgery and thoracoscopic surgery beside the conventional thoracic, close and open heart surgery.

We will try to provide you with the recent activities of the department, work schedules, a resume of scientific activities including meetings, presentations that will be added in time. We will also provide useful links for important international events, recent guidelines that we hope to be helpful for both under and postgraduates.

Your Suggestions and ideas are highly appreciated in this website, so please feel free to contact us should any further information are needed.

Scientific Agenda

Advanced ECMO workshop – Society of Thoracic Interventions and Lung Transplantation (STILT)

27 Aug, 2023
NTI أكاديمية الأميرة فاطمة للتدريب الطبي
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Registration Fees
STILT Member Discount: 1000 LE
non-Member: 2000 LE
We Pay Wallet Number: +20 155 533 0702
Email : [email protected]
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